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  1. Stocks choppy but end higher- Cohn resigns

    Stocks rode a bit of a roller coaster on Tuesday as the indices created bullish looking positive reversal days. The early strength was sold off, but the battle between the dip buyers and the sellers of rallies was won by the dip buyers in the end, and we saw saw decent gains across the board, despite only a 9-point gain for the Dow.

  2. The Tariff Tantrum subsided. Now what?

    Stocks opened the new week the way it ended last week, with a big rally. The Dow did dip almost 100-point off the highs in the final few minutes of trading, but it still gained a solid 337-points on the day. Unlike on Friday, small caps lagged yesterday, but still performed well. Bonds were down slightly as the 10-year Treasury yield rose back above 2.88%. ...
  3. Does Friday's rebound mean the lows in in, or do we need to see a test of Feb's lows?

    Stocks were mixed on Friday, but mostly higher despite the Dow losing 71-points. McDonald's was a drag on the Dow and the broader indices did much better with the small caps and the Nasdaq doing especially well. The Dow was down nearly 400-points at the lows on Friday morning so we did see some dip buying after a sharp 3-day sell-off.
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks peaked on Tuesday morning this past week, then sold-off for three days to push all the TSP stock funds down 1% to near 3%. Investors starting selling during the new Fed Chairmen Jerome Powell's testimony to congress Tuesday due to his positive outlook on economic growth and his not so dovish comments on the potential of as many as four interest rate hikes by the Fed this year. It is not the Fed's job to keep the stock market up but Mr. Powell did make comments about previous Fed moves that ...
  5. The Tariff Tank

    Stocks sold off on Thursday after more testimony from Fed Char Powell, but more so after talks of tariffs from President Trump. The Dow lost 420-points on the day, but if it's any consolation, it had been down nearly 600 at the lows. Small caps held up rather well losing about 0.6% while the larger cap indices were all down more than 1%. The dollar was down so the I-fund had a bit of a cushion. ...
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