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  1. Tariffs "Trump" jobs report

    Stocks were rocked on Friday by comments from President Trump regarding more tariffs on China and after all was said and done, the Dow lost 572-points, or 2.34%. Most of the major indices gave away 2% or more with the Transports losing nearly 3%, and small caps falling just short of 2%. The I-fund held up much better as the Tariffs don't have the same impact on European companies.

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Emotion and speculations over the potential outcomes of the trade "battle" between the U.S. and China produced a volatile week that ended on a down day. Stocks sold off early in the week but traders jumped at the lower stock prices until stock indices were in positive territory on Thursday. The release of the March jobs report Friday came out before the bell with numbers under expectations which added to the negative pressure the futures were under after the new tariff comments from President Trump. ...
  3. March 2018 Jobs Report

    U.S. adds 103,000 jobs in March in smallest gain in six months

    Unemployment 4.1%. Wage growth +0.3%.
  4. Stocks rally into Friday's Jobs Report

    Stocks followed through on Wednesday's positive reversal day by tacking on another day of solid gains on Thursday. The Dow led the way with a gain of 241-points, or about 1%. The broader indices were up solidly, but but not to the extent as the Dow.
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