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  1. Fed creates volatility


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    Stocks end a great month for stocks by rallying at the open yesterday, falling back into the FOMC policy statement, rallying after the announcement, then falling toward the break-even level into the close. The Dow ended the day down 21-points.

  2. Fed day


    Stocks were mixed yesterday as the Dow and S&P 500 bounced above and below the break-even mark a couple of times. The Dow and S&P ended on the opposite sides of even mark as the Dow lost a point, and the S&P was up a fraction, while the Nasdaq, small caps, and the I-fund saw modest gains.

  3. Big week for data


    Stocks slipped yesterday on light volume. The Dow lost 37-points while the small caps, transportation, and international stocks lagged.

  4. Market Consolidates Gains

    Last week I was looking higher given I had two buy signals; one from the Top 50 and one from the Total Tracker. The market ended the week mixed though, with the C and S funds dropped very modestly and the I fund posting a small gain. So while the buy signals didn't yield big gains the market remains very resilient and that counts too.

    Doing Day trading online, like the TSP-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg
    Doing Day trading online, like the TSP-2013-top-50-trend-jpg

    There are no signals for the new week as stock allocations only rose ...
  5. Reversals, gaps, and a personal indicator


    Stocks made a big comeback on Friday as the Dow regained all of an early 150-point decline by the close. We saw many positive reversals, although not all indices closed in positive territory.

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