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  1. Another 100-point drop

    Stocks fell on Thursday and the Dow had another triple digit loss. As opposed to Wednesday's action, this time we saw the losses in the broader indices also take the hit. The I-fund led helped by a drop in the dollar, and bonds rallied on the weakness in stocks.

  2. Market exhales

    Stocks opened lower and closed lower yesterday, but made some midday attempts to push higher. The Dow lost 102-points on the day, which may get most of the attention, but the S&P 500 and small caps saw relatively small losses, while the Nasdaq 100 was flat and actually made a new intraday 52-week high.

    I am still out of town without my usual setup but should be back in the office on Thursday night - maybe early Friday. ...
  3. A pause

    Stocks closed mixed yesterday but came back from some early losses as the bulls are still buying the dips. The Dow gained 3-points, but it had been down about 45-points in early trading. The S&P 500 was basically flat while small caps lost some ground, and bonds were also down.

    I am still out of town without my usual setup and while trying to do my analysis and write the commentary for Wednesday, I saw that ...
  4. Possibly reversal day

    Stocks were higher on Monday, but most indices closed off their highs, enough that there's a possible negative reversal day visible on the charts. The Dow closed up 19-points and small caps led the way again.

    I am still out of town without my usual setup so thanks for you patience if the commentaries are brief or if you've had to wait a little longer for me
  5. S&P 500 nearing 2000

    Stocks rallied and posted gains of about a half of one percent after a solid jobs report which basically came in line with estimates. The Dow gained 88-points, small caps led the way higher, and bonds were down.

    I have been out of town working on my laptop in a hotel room - not may favorite way to write my commentary. I played in a World Series of Poker event for
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