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  1. Sentiment Survey Results...

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 12/09/13- 12/13/13

    The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 53% bulls, 37% bears.

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  2. Indecision

    Stocks went on a wild ride yesterday before closing with just modest losses. The Dow opened lower, but shot up into positive territory, then, by mid-afternoon, we saw triple digit losses and finally, despite inching back into positive territory again during the last half hour of trading, it closed down 25-points. Bonds were also down yesterday.
  3. A little breakdown

    Stocks were down yesterday with the Dow ending the day down 94-points. We did break a trend of weak closes as stocks actually rallied into the close on Tuesday taking the indices well off their lows. Bonds were up, the dollar was down, and we saw a spike in oil prices.
  4. Post Holiday Reversal

    Stocks opened the post-holiday week in negative territory, but climbed back into the green by early afternoon before falling into the close. The losses were modest but accelerated late producing another weak close - a trend that started last week. The Dow lost 78-points, the small caps were hit hard, and the Transportation Index actually closed in positive territory.
  5. Post Holiday Reversal, or Not?

    Stocks were mixed after the abbreviated trading day on Friday, and it took a sharp late sell-off to move the Dow and S&P 500 into negative territory. As I mentioned in the Weekly Wrap Up, 3 of the 4 trading days last week saw late day sell-offs which, if it wasn't holiday trading, may be telling us something.
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