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  1. Get ready for a wild Monday


    Stocks opened strongly on Thursday, closed on the weak side, but held on to some modest gains. The Dow gained 22-points while the broader indices saw a bit better returns - particularly the small caps.
  2. Sentiment Survey Results...

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 6/03/13- 6/07/13

    Buy: The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 43% bulls, 46% bears, for a bulls to bears ratio of 0.93to 1. That is a buy signal in a bull market which means the survey system will remain in a 100% S fund allocation for the week of 6/03/13 - 6/07/13.

    Bull market rules have been in effect since the week of 1/09/12:

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  3. First Trading Day in June

    Looking back at the first trading day in June over recent years shows some big moves in both directions. It tells me that Monday may not be a quiet day.

    These are Dow points...

    2012: -275
    2011: -279
    2010: -112
    2009: +221
    2008: -135
  4. Volatility picking up again


    Stocks gave back Tuesday's 106-point gain yesterday as the Dow lost 107-points yesterday. Not to be outdone, both the S&P 500 (C-fund) and the small caps (S-fund) fell almost exactly the same percentage as they lost on Tuesday.
  5. Nice day, but...


    After last week's pre-holiday pullback, stocks resumed their bullish ways by opening up sharply higher in Tuesday's post-holiday trading. Stocks finished well off of their highs but the Dow, up about 220-points at one point, still managed a new closing high after finishing the day up 106-points.
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