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  1. Big week ahead - jobs report, gov't shutdown?, FOMC, tax cuts...

    Stocks bounced around above and below the break-even mark yesterday with varying closing results for the indices as the rotation from one sector to another continues. The Dow lost 40-points, which was the lows of the day, while the S&P was flat, and the Nasdaq caught some bargain hunters after its recent decline, and closed just off the day's high. ...
  2. Sell the news continues as tax bill protesters reverse morning rally

    Another positive open turned into a down day on Tuesday and we saw modest losses across the board yesterday. The Dow lost 109-points with a similar decline in the S&P 500, while the small caps and the Transports lagged with more significant losses. ...
  3. Sell the news?

    The volatility picked up on Monday as we saw a classic "sell the news" reaction to Friday's evening's passing of the tax bill in the Senate. The Dow was up by over 300-points at the morning peak before the steady decline ensued. It managed to hold onto a 58-point gain but most of the other major indices ran into negative territory by the close. ...
  4. Volatility kicks in Friday morning - gone by the close

    We saw some of volatility kick in on Friday but the market dodged what looked like was going to be an old fashioned drubbing. We know how this year has gone for stocks - pullbacks and sell-offs haven't lasted weeks or days. They can now be measured with a stop watch. The Dow closed down 41-points so it got back nearly all of the earlier 350-point loss we saw after a 400-point - high to low - decline that started at about 11 AM ET. ...
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks moved up this week as the Senate was expected to vote and pass the tax bill. The S&P 500 hit its high intraday Thursday but buyers briefly stepped aside Friday as stocks sold off sharply on the news of General Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI opening new doors to the Russian investigation. The selloff was dramatic at first but did not last long as the dip buyers jumped in to erase a bulk of the intraday losses.

    Despite one of the best weeks for the Dow in a ...
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