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  1. Early weakness doesn't discourage dip buyers

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Tuesday and moved sideways to slightly higher for most of the morning before an early afternoon spike gave the indices a modest gain for the day. The Dow, down 180-points at the lows, reversed to close up 39-points. Investors still seem a bit tentative because of the big swings, and because there is concern that this relief rally may not hold. ...
  2. Bulls digging in, but possible resistance overhead

    Stocks opener higher on Monday, following-through on Friday's big positive reversal day. The Dow ended the day up 410-point. That was about 140-points off the highs and it may have hit some resistance, but still quite impressive. With volatility remaining fairly high, these wide swings could continue for a while. ...
  3. V, W, or a lower low?

    The market opened higher on Friday but it didn't take long for the bears to put the pressure on again. By about 1:30 PM ET, the Dow was 500+ points on the day, and it was looking like it could be another one of those -1000-point days for the Dow. But as the major indices started to test their 200-day EMAs we saw buyers step up and the Dow rallied into the close gaining 330-points on the day.

  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks officially corrected 10% off the January highs this week. The change in market character over the past two weeks has shocked investors who struggled to navigate the new magnitude in volatility that has been absent in the market for more than a year. The increase in volatility was met with a sell-off that has wiped out the gains of the fruitful month of January where we saw an increase in upward momentum from the last months of 2017.

    The exact cause of the correction is debatable ...
  5. Testing Monday's lows

    The selling continued on Thursday with more deep losses and once again I'll say this seems to be the price the market is paying for 15 months without pullbacks and corrections, and it is now officially a correction (-10%). They happen, and many expected it, but when it comes it is still a shock to the psyche. Support levels were thin and that created a vacuum on the down side so two plus months of gains were erased in a few days. The Dow lost another 1033-points or 4.2%.

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