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  1. Rates, the dollar, and oil putting pressure on stocks

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday, actually gapping lower leaving yet another open gap on the S&P 500 chart. The Dow lost 193-points, breaking its 8-day winning streak and we saw about 3/4 of a percent shaven off of the three major large cap indices. Small caps help up well while the I-fund was up against another rally in the dollar.

  2. Will this pattern play out again?

    Stocks opened higher on Monday but was a bit of a struggle after that initial morning rally, particularly for the small caps which ended down on the day. The Dow ended the day with a respectable 68-point gain, but the S&P nearly didn't make it back to positive territory after dipping into the red just before the close.

  3. Technical test for most index charts

    Stocks were mixed but mostly higher on Friday. The Nasdaq lagged with a small loss but all of the indices climbed back from the afternoon lows to rally into the close. The Dow gained a modest 92-points or 0.37%, while the S&P 500 added 0.17% making it a gain of over 2.5% for the week. ...
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up this week and produced the greatest weekly gains in the last couple months. Oil prices were up and stocks followed which is not always the case but other sectors followed the rise in energy stocks. Data published this week also suggest inflation has remained at a rate preferred by investors who believe it may slow down the rate of rates raised by the Fed. This lifted some worries from investors and gave them the confidence to put more cash into stocks.

    Optimism is back ...
  5. Goldilocks economic reports continue to fuel rally

    Another big day for stocks as the Dow added another 197-points making it 1200-points since last Thursday's lows. The large caps outperformed the small caps for a second straight day as the Russell 2000 small cap index nears its all-time highs so we may be seeing some catching up being done by the lagging larger indices. The I-fund got some help from a weak dollar, which was due for a rest after rallying for three weeks.

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