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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up early this week as the Trump administration took a step back from the aggressive stance on trade with China to a more lighter approach that investors believe won't put as much pressure on the global economy as anticipated. This set the pace for a week of gains but there was some trouble mid-week of a geo-political nature with Syria that frightened traders. The beginning of earnings season brought the life back to buyers Thursday as a string of positive reports set the pace for an ...
  2. Here come the earnings....

    Stocks rallied sharply yesterday with the Dow tacking on another triple digit gain. There was a little bleeding in the last half hour of trading and the indices fell off their highs, but there were solid gains across the board. The Dow, which was up over 400-points at the highs, gained 294-points on the day, and the major indices were up between about 0.8% and 1.6% on the day, although the small caps lagged the larger stocks with a 0.59% gain. ...
  3. The market exhales on geopolitical and rate concerns

    The stock market was a bit rocky on Wednesday and the indices had a mind of their own as the Dow lost 219-points or 0.90% while the small caps were up - the Russell 2000 Index, and the S-fund was flat. The S&P 500, Nasdaq and Transportation index were all somewhere in between, but all of them faded from the late morning rally and highs of the day creating negative reversal bars on the charts.
  4. Another bounce back

    After Monday's Tariff Tantrum that produced a large intraday negative reversal, stocks battled back on Tuesday regaining all of the late Monday losses, and added a bit more. The Dow gained 429-points with a push higher at the open after overnight comments from the Chinese President Xi Jinping that eased investors' trade concerns.
  5. Getting sea sick?

    Stocks came out of the starting gate on Monday morning like a thoroughbred on steroids, but after reaching top speed in the early afternoon, it ran out of gas and rolled downhill the rest of the way. The Dow, up about 440-points at the high, closed up just 46. That was the case across the board, big gains turned into modest gains with a couple dipping into negative territory.

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