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  1. Holding the Line for Now

    Last week, I said I was neutral. I opined that with recent all-time highs tagged not too long ago on the DWCPF, I had to give some weight to a possible correction of 4-5% and maybe even more over the days or weeks ahead. That's still valid. I noted that the BKX (Bank Index) has been weak of late, with price closing at its 50 dma the previous Friday. But then Monday, the BKX took off and rallied hard for most of the week. I felt that remaining long in the C, S, or I funds as long as breadth, liquidity ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    All of the TSP funds (except the G-fund naturally) were down for the week but all the losses were less than 1%. Stocks fell early this week after some trouble with the Healthcare Bill in the Senate gave traders a reason to sell. Relief came mid-week but it could not hold as most of those gains were wiped out Thursday. The 2nd quarter ended with a volatility on Friday, but there was some late selling.

    Most of the trouble was seen in large caps and tech stocks. This shows in the smaller ...
  3. Stocks falter and give back Weds. big gains

    Stocks pulled back sharply on Thursday as the action remains choppy. It looked like we were going to see a breakdown, and we did intraday, but the SPY actually closed higher yesterday than it did on Tuesday, after a successful test of the 50-day EMA. The Dow lost 168-points, which was almost 100-points off the lows, if that's any consolation. The large tech stocks took another major hit and that's concerning.

  4. Can't keep this market down

    Stocks did an about face after Tuesday's sell-off as we saw those losses erased in most of the major indices. The Dow gained 144-points on the day after Tuesday's 99-point decline while the Nasdaq, which was Tuesday's loser falling 1.6% on the day, gained back 1.4% on Wednesday. The Transports and small caps joined the Nasdaq with plus 1% gains.

  5. Healthcare Bill delay. Tech faltering

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday with the selling accelerated in the afternoon and by the close both the Dow and the Nasdaq had lost abut 100-points, with the latter being a significantly larger percentage loss. Oil was up most of the day but after hours some preliminary industry data suggested inventories are rising and much of those gains were given back.

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