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  1. Mixed bag

    After a positive open, stocks drifted lower on Tuesday but once again we saw a mix of results as the Dow lost 37-points and the S&P was down 0.10%, the Nasdaq held onto a solid gain, while the Transports bounced back and small caps were flat. The dollar rallied and that put some pressure on the I-fund.

  2. The majors are flat, the leaders flop

    The three major stock indies couldn't have been any flatter yesterday as the Dow gained 5-points (+0.03%), the S&P 500 added 9 cents (+0.00%), and the Nasdaq was up 1.90 (+0.03%). It took some buying into the close to get there as they were all slightly negative for most of the trading day. That's the good news.

  3. Favorable news helps stocks last week. Now what?

    We got a strong jobs report early Friday morning and the initial reaction was tentative, but as the day went on, and a budget was finally passed in Washington, the bulls loosened up an we saw some solid gains, and the first positive Friday since early March. The I-fund led again as the dollar dropped on the jobs report, while bonds held up well, which is a bit of a surprise given the strong economic data.

  4. EFA Madness

    Last week, I said I was leaning bullish for the week on solid breadth and liquidity readings. I also noted that NAAIM was bullish, which is bullish for the market in general.

    But it was a tough week for those of us in the S fund as that index closed just 0.04% higher. And it took a big Friday rally just to get back to even. The C fund fared better with a 0.66% gain, but it was the I fund (EFA) that really stood out as it tacked on a cool 2.57% gain. I really don't know how long that ...

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  5. April Jobs Report

    U.S. Job Growth Bounces Back; Unemployment at 10-Year Low

    An impressive 211,000 jobs were added last month, bringing the three-month average up to 174,000.

    The unemployment rate was 4.4 percent, down from 4.5 percent in March and the lowest rate in more than 10 years.
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