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  1. What tariffs?

    Stocks opened the new week with an explosive rally - something that we don't normally see after a Friday like we had with the indices closing on the lows. The Dow jumped 669-points and the oversold indices gained 2% to 3% on the day. The question going forward of course is, does the recent test of the lows mark the low for this correction?

  2. The test of the lows is here. Will it pass?

    Stocks completed an awful week on Friday with the Dow taking another 425-point hit. The week saw the S&P 500 fall nearly 6% as the quest to test the February lows is on. Tests of the prior corrections lows is common. What happens when the indices do reach those lows again is questionable. Breakdown or double bottom? Place your bets!
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Technical support failed stocks this week as pressure from rising interest rates, global trade disputes, and troubles in the tech sectors kept cash in trader's pockets for the week. Large cap indices fell short of 6% for the week but volume was noticeably lower than the sell off in early February so it wasn't so much investors were selling but they were not buying.

    There is a lot of uncertainty in the global markets as tariff talks continue to be a dynamic subject that doesn't seem ...
  4. Headlines too much for investors

    Stocks were rocked on Thursday as investors gave way to the headlines that piled up on the day. The Dow lost 724-points, or 2.93%, on the day. We also saw 2% plus losses for most of the major indices. Are we heading for that test of the February lows?
  5. Fed stays 3 or 4 rate hikes, and stocks rally then fall

    Stocks had another volatile day Wednesday, as we might expect during an FOMC policy statement and Chair press conference. The policy statement announcement saw stocks rally, then fall into the close and the Dow gave back an early afternoon 250-point gain to close down 45-points. Most indices were down but small caps bucked that trend posting a solid gain.

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