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  1. Quiet day as all eyes were on the skies

    Stocks were lower in early trading but some dip buyers showed up and it turned out to be a relatively quiet day on very light volume as most of America was outside sun gazing. The Dow ended the day up 29-points, which was about 100-points off the lows. The Nasdaq finished with a small loss, but for the most part stocks were flat.

  2. Long-term support being tested

    Stocks did a bit of everything on Friday as they opened slightly higher, immediately sold off, then reversed up and was posting solid gains after the resignation of Steve Bannon from the White House was announced. That triggered the morning rally because there seemed to be a choice of him staying, or Gary Cohn, who is Trump's top economic advisor and a potential heir to the Federal Reserve Chairman job, and Wall Street preferred Cohn. But after that reaction we saw a steady dose of selling into ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks opened up Monday after the Charlottesville incident in over the weekend distracted investors from the North Korean drama that was held responsible for the poor action the previous week. Although the early gains held for the first half of the week, drama within the White House provoked selling after the resignations of some members of Trump's business council. The selling carried throughout Thursday but relief was provided momentarily Friday after traders bought the news of the resignation ...
  4. Sell-off!

    Stocks were rattled on Thursday as the drama in DC continued, but that wasn't all as geopolitical events again got the attention of Wall Street. The Dow ended the day down 274-points, or 1.24% but the broader market indices lost even more as small caps fell 1.67% giving up this week's earlier decent gains.

  5. Political turmoil mutes rally

    Stocks rallied early on Wednesday and the day was not without controversy. The Dow ended the day up 26-points but that was off the morning highs and we saw some small negative reversal patterns show up on many charts. Once again all eyes were on the political headlines, which shook things up a bit again.
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