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  1. March Jobs Report

    US created only 98,000 jobs in March, vs 180,000 expected

    - Nonfarm payrolls up 98,000, unemployment rate at 4.5 percent
    - Winter weather, retail slide cited for weakness
    - "Real" unemployment rate at 8.9 percent, lowest in more than nine years

    More: US created 98,000 jobs in March, vs 180,000 expected
  2. Is the glass half empty, or half full?

    The market action yesterday may be looked at from a couple of vantage points, and depending on which angle you take, the action may have seemed bullish, or bearish. The Dow ended the day up 15-points, but it was up over 90 earlier in the afternoon so the bulls gave way and couldn't hold onto those gains. But the bears had many reasons to push things lower yesterday, and they didn't do a good job either.

  3. Fed says stocks overpriced, sell off

    It was a nasty reversal for stocks on Wednesday as a nearly 200-point rally in the Dow turned into a 41-point loss by the close. It was the worst reversal in 14 months. The charts had improved greatly with the early action, but the Fed Minutes and some comments from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan reversed everything.

  4. Early dips continue to be bought

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday but after an early battle, the bulls were able to push the large cap indices into the green and hang onto some small gains into the close. The Dow ended the up 39-points but small caps closed just south of even.

  5. Stocks down but positive reversal

    Stocks opened flat on Monday but quickly sold off and before long the Dow was down 145-points. By about noon ET the bleeding stopped and stocks caught a bid and closed fairly strongly, although still in negative territory. The Dow closed down 13-points with more moderate losses in the S&P and Nasdaq, while small caps struggled.

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