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  1. Rally continues, but fades late

    Stocks opened higher on Monday morning as the bulls wasted no time tacking onto last week's gains. The momentum slowed down fairly quickly however, and we saw the daily highs reached shortly after the open. The Dow gained a solid 63-points while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed slightly higher on the day after giving back some gains in afternoon trading.

  2. Stocks up again, heading into tough seasonal period

    Stocks were up on Friday to end a strong week for the market. The indices took a bit of a different route on Friday as the large caps of the Dow and S&P rallied into the close while the Nasdaq peaked in early trading and faded toward the close. The Dow ended the day up 65-points and fears of a nuclear North Korea seem to be overshadowed by the possibility of future tax cuts.

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The total damage was less than the expected from Hurricane Irma last weekend. Traders took notice therefore stocks opened up Monday morning. The intraday momentum carried as others did not want to be left behind and we had what we might call a relief rally. This produced the significant gains of the week with both the C and S-fund up more than 1% Monday.

    The action in stocks was mixed for the rest of the week. More gains were produced three of the following four days in stocks, to ...
  4. Nasdaq lags as seasonality turn negative

    Stocks were mixed again on Thursday and mostly flat, although the Nasdaq had a modestly lower day. The Dow led the way again with a 45-point gain while we saw small losses in the S&P 500, the small caps, and the Transports. The dollar was down helping the I-fund to a modest gain.

  5. Slow, pre-Holiday like trading.

    Stocks were up but mostly flat on Wednesday with gains in the 0.05% to 0.18% range. The action is slow and positive with light volume, almost as if it's a holiday week. The Dow did gain 39-points and led the way, while the Transports posted a modest loss, as did the I-fund with the dollar finally showing some life.

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