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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up for the week but were off their weekly highs, peaking intraday on Wednesday after a couples days of relentless buying. Stocks sold off Thursday which continued into Friday but the dip buyers were back in play by mid-day to keep stocks in positive territory for the week.

    The F-fund lagged as it was the only TSP fund in negative territory this week with a loss of 0.41%, wiping out the previous gains of April.

  2. No stimulus from ECB

    Stocks slipped on Thursday, taking a much needed break after rallying 7 of the prior 8 days. The ECB, the European Central Bank, left rates unchanged, as expected, and didn’t offer any new stimulus so stocks had a bit of a mini tantrum. ECB head Mario Draghi did leave open the possibility of future action. The Dow lost 114-points and we saw losses of about 0.5% or more in some major indices.

  3. Oil or earnings?

    Stocks were up on Wednesday but there was some late selling and the Dow held onto a 43-point gain, off the triple digit gain it had at 3 PM ET. The S&P 500 almost lost all of its gains but held on to a +0.08% increase. Once again oil was up big, and the financial stocks also rallied and they seem to be the catalyst as earnings continue to be just OK.

  4. Upside relentless but resistance nears

    Stocks continued their relentless march higher on Tuesday with another modest gain, although the indices were mixed with the Nasdaq falling on some tech earnings. Once again the buying began at the opening bell but yesterday the bears made a move pulling the indices into negative territory just afternoon ET. The dip buyers were not far away and jumped in to push the Dow and S&P back into the black. The Dow gained 49-points, which was about 50-points off the highs.

  5. Stocks dismiss oil production deal breakdown

    Stocks opened lower on Monday but the buyers stepped right in and took the indices higher all day. The "bad news" over no oil production cuts that sent the futures lower overnight, and the triggered the lower open, was quickly dismissed and the Dow ended the day up 107-points.

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