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  1. Bounce back

    Stocks opened lower on Monday morning, following Friday's big sell-off, but we quickly saw capitulation-like action and the sellers exhausted themselves opening the door for a rebound. The Dow gained 240-points on the day. It didn't get back all of the 394-points it lost on Friday, but it was a good start. There is overhead resistance on the charts where the indices had broken down from, and that's the next challenge.

  2. Rate hike fears trigger sell-off

    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston president Eric Rosengren suggested that a September rate hike might still be possible in September and clearly the stock market had a problem with that. Add this to the ECB's decision last week to keep rates at current levels, instead of cutting them, and investors ran scared and we had ourselves a near 400-point decline in the Dow with the losses between 2% and 3% across the board.

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The short week following Labor Day consisted mostly of low volume and low volatility, that is, until the market made its biggest move in months on Friday. In one day stocks fell to July levels after spending the past two months slowly rising to the recent levels. Concerns over higher interest rates seem to have gotten the best of investors.

    The sell-off on Friday put the C and S-fund down more than 2% for the week with the S-fund lagging. All the TSP funds, other than the G-fund, were ...
  4. Sluggish

    Stocks pulled backed modestly on Thursday with pockets of weakness and strength that battled for control. Apple was down and that hurt the Dow and Nasdaq most. Retail stocks were very weak putting pressure on the S&P. But the financial stocks had a good day, and oil rallied sharply helping the oil sector stocks, so it was a mix but mostly down day. The Dow lost 46-points, the S&P gave up 5, or 0.22%, while the Nasdaq lagged, and small caps fell somewhere between those two with
  5. Still slow, but small caps rolling

    As we mentioned the other day, trading can be rather light during the few days after Labor Day weekend as traders and money managers batten down the hatches on their summer places, take time to settle back from vacation, and watch the action before jumping in. As a results we have seen some very slow and similar action over the last several days. The Dow ended the day down 12-points while the small caps had a strong day.

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