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  1. May Jobs Report

  2. Stocks move higher into jobs report

    Update: May Jobs report, +38,000 jobs and unemployment rate of 4.7%.

    Stocks opened lower again on Thursday, but like Wednesday, buyers were quick to step in and the indices slowly rose all day and closed at their highs of the day. The gains weren't huge, the Dow ended with a gain of 49-points, but from the morning low to the close it gained 135-points.

  3. Dip buyers show up after weak open

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Wednesday morning but it didn't take long for the buyers to step in and buy the dip to follow through on Tuesday's late dip buyers. The Dow turned a 120+ point early decline into a 2-point gain by the close, with small caps outperforming
  4. Mixed day

    Stocks were mixed on Tuesday with the Dow down 86-points, although it had been down about 150-points at the lows. By contrast the S&P 500 lost just 2-points on the day and small caps, the Nasdaq, and the Transports all closed in positive territory. Once again the dollar held back the I-fund.

  5. Post holiday... reversal?

    I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I did something I hadn't done in a long time, if ever - I didn't sign onto the site in anyway for over 2+ days. I needed the break but it was more of a mistake as my server in my office went offline and I couldn't communicate with it like I normally do when I'm away. It looks like everything survived, so let's get to work...

    Stocks showed us some typical, light volume, slightly positive biased action on Friday as the Dow gained
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