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  1. ECB triggers volatility in stocks

    The ECB decision did not disappoint the traders as we saw wild swings on Thursday with Dow up 130-points early on, then down almost 180-points at the afternoon lows, before closing down just 5-points. The indices were mixed as the S&P 500 closed up fractionally, the Nasdaq closed down 12-points, and the small caps lost about 0.6%.

  2. Bulls don't back down

    After the bears made push on Tuesday, the bulls fought back yesterday and we saw modest gains in the stock indices. The Dow gained 36-points while oil rallied back as well and made a new 2016 high.

  3. Dip buyers take a day off

    Stocks opened lower yesterday and like Monday, we saw dip buyers jump in by late morning. The bears made another push lower in afternoon trading and the difference between Monday and Tuesday is that the dip buyers stood aside this time. The Dow lost 110-points but it, and S&P 500, had been up for 5 straight days so a pause is not a big surprise. The question of course is whether this is a temporary pause or a bear market rally peak since several indices stalled at resistance.

  4. Bulls not flinching

    tocks opened modestly lower on Monday but the dip buyers didn't take long to jump in. There was a late afternoon push lower to move the Dow into negative territory, but the dip buyers were not far off again, and the Dow closed up 67-points. There were mixed results in the broader market as the S&P was slightly better than flat, small caps had a strong day, and the Nasdaq was down on the day.

  5. Can the rally continue this week?

    The jobs report came in at +242,000 on Friday, with an unemployment rate of 4.9%. That was strong enough to thwart recessionary concerns, but probably not too strong to get the Fed back to raising rates. The embraced the results and the Dow gained 63-points. The recent decline in the dollar helped the I-fund lead the way.

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