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  1. Stocks rally on big jobs report

    Stocks rallied sharply on Friday after a better than expected jobs report. The U.S. economy gained 287,000 jobs in June, which was over 100,000 more than expected, while the unemployment rate actually increased to 4.9%. The indices moved steadily higher all day and by the close the Dow had added 251-points.

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Mixed, tentative action preceded the release of June's jobs report as investors were prepared for more disappointing numbers like they saw in May's jobs report. Stocks sparked Friday after the report exceeded expectations with an addition of 287,000 jobs, the strongest month of hiring since last October. The rally put stocks above their record closing price intraday while closing just one point below it.

    Bonds rallied too, reaching new highs and giving the F-fund an increase of 0.59% ...
  3. June Jobs Report

    U.S. Added 287,000 Jobs in June; Unemployment Rate at 4.9%
  4. Jobs report Friday

    Stocks bobbed and weaved yesterday in front of today's (Friday's) jobs report. After last month's very disappointing report, investors seemed tentative to make any bold moves leading up to this one. We saw some selling of an early rally, and some buying of the afternoon decline. By the close the Dow lost 23-points although the indices were mixed with gains in the small caps.

  5. Positive reversal day

    Stocks rallied strongly after a weak open and we saw many positive outside reversals on the charts yesterday. The Dow ended with a modest 78-point gain after an early 127-point loss. Stocks rallied into the release of the Fed Minutes, and continued after as it becomes fairly clear there will be no rate hike any time soon.

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