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  1. Stocks continue to bleed

    Stocks dipped on Monday with the Dow shedding 52-points while the broader indices gave up 0.20% to 0.30% on the day. For a second straight trading day stocks hit their highs near the open but drifted lower the rest of the day. Oil lost 1.6% on the day and the pressure on energy stocks seemed to be enough to guide the market lower.

  2. Bull flags and testing support

    Stocks closed higher on Friday, but it was far from a bullish day as we saw a 164-point early rally in the Dow turn into a 39-point gain by the close, which was the lows, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq lost virtually all of their early gains as they both closed up less than a point.

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    More pressure was put on markets this week as disappointing earnings reports reflected weakness in third quarter corporate performances. The damage wasn't too significant as dip buyers were there when you'd expect. However, a second week of losses in October gives more credibility to the bear argument.

    The Fed Meeting minutes released Wednesday expressed Fed member concerns of waiting to raise rates will lead to rates being raised faster when needed to prevent potential runaway inflation. ...
  4. Strong close restores big early losses

    Stocks open sharply lower on Thursday and it was just a matter of minutes before the Dow was looking at a 180+ point loss at the lows. About 11 AM ET the dip buyers showed up and the bears stayed away until about the last hour of trading. The rebounded and closed with a 45-point loss and we had a positive reversal day. Only the Transports didn't lose money however, and while the rebound was technically positive, we do need to see some follow-through because something seems awry. The
  5. Slow day, but the bleeding stopped

    Stocks were mixed on Wednesday as the Dow, S&P, and small caps posted small gains, while the I-fund, Nasdaq, and Transportation Index closed with losses. It was a slow day on light volume so there's not much new to report. The Dow gained 16-points.

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