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  1. 20,000?

    Stocks continued their winning ways on Friday as it appears the Dow, up another 142-points on the day, is determined to hit the emotional 20,000 level, and is only 244-points away, after passing 19,000 less than 3 weeks ago. Small caps were actually down slightly on the day and the I-fund picked up a small gain.
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Buyers were back to work this week after the slight pull-back last week from the relentless upside we've seen since the election. Stocks produced gains everyday this week giving the C-fund more than a 3% gain and S-fund a more than 4% gain. Most market analyst have given up on the underlying reason for the constant rise in stocks we've seen in the last month and the only logical credit is momentum. Predicting a top is futile and risks being left behind if incorrect. So the best defense for those ...
  3. Melt up?

    The melt-up in stocks continued on Thursday with modest gains in the Dow (+65) and S&P 500, while small caps once again outpaced their larger siblings. Except for a couple of 2 to 3 days dips, this market has been going straight up since Election Day. We know stocks won't go up forever, but the question is, how long will they go up?

  4. Dow Theory Buyers

    Stocks continue to defy gravity as the relentless rally just kicked into another gear and the Dow gained nearly 300-points on the day. If Greenspan was still in charge he might be giving his "irrational exuberance" speech right about now, but what seems to be going on here is investors who have been waiting for a pullback, are tired of waiting.

  5. New highs

    Stocks opened fairly flat on Tuesday but drifted higher most of the day to close with moderate gains. Small caps led again as the Russell 2000 and our S-fund closed at a new all-time high. The Dow gained 36-points, also making a new closing high, the 11th new high of the year.

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