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  1. Sharp pullback threatens support

    Stocks fell sharply on Tuesday as we saw a broad sell-off covering most indices. The Dow lost 200-points, about 67-points off the lows, but the dip buying was unimpressive. The Nasdaq and small caps were hit hard and the strength in the dollar added to the I-fund losses. The Transportation stocks held up relatively well in comparison. Because of the holiday, the TSP fund returns below reflect the action on Monday and Tuesday combined.

  2. Narrowing flag continues

    Stocks opened sharply higher on Monday morning but drifted lower into the close and the big gains turned into moderate gains, but they were gains. The Dow picked up 89-points, about 70-points lower than the morning high. The TSP was closed so we don't have updated share prices for Monday, but yesterday's action will be reflected in Tuesday's prices. The prices below reflect Friday's price action.

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    October's first week of trading continued with the trend of no trend we've seen lately. Passive traders wait on the sideline for the market to make its next big move before they're comfortable to join. Neither the bulls nor the bears seem to have been able to find traction, though the bears have had more opportunities, to push this market in any direction other than sideways. We did see the market open lower Monday but by Tuesday afternoon the extremes of this weeks trading channel were already ...
  4. September Jobs Report +156,000

  5. The jobs report breakout / breakdown

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Thursday with the Dow tagged with an early 120-point loss, but we saw a strong push back from the bulls and the indices all closed at or near the break-even level as the Dow ended with a 13-point decline.

    To our friends in the southeast, please stay safe! This Matthew character looks pretty mean.

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