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  1. Mixed market as small caps outshine the larger indices

    Stocks were mostly lower on Friday with the Dow falling 100-points and most indices fading into the close posting small to moderate losses. The small caps were the outlier as they posted a solid gain to make it the only positive TSP Fund, outside of the G-fund, to post a gain (+0.20%) for the week.
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Pressure was put on stocks the first half of the week with a string of weak opens but dip buyers and a rally Thursday kept the damage to a minimum. Dip buyers were there at every opportunity cushioning the bears attempt to turn this market around. The market rallied Thursday after good earnings reports and a tax bill passed by the House of Representatives that cut corporate taxes. The rally pressed stocks into positive territory for the week but some of the gains were sold off Friday to drop large ...
  3. What pullback? Earnings and Tax Plan lift stocks

    Stocks rebounded on Thursday erasing the losses of the prior two days. The Dow jumped 187-points on the day, or +0.8%, as the dip buyers mocked the bears after their first 0.5% decline in two months on Wednesday. It was a broad rally across most indices and for now the bulls have been able to defend the support that was being tested.
  4. First 0.5% loss in over 2 months

    Stocks opened sharply lower again on Wednesday and while the dip buyers showed up early, they faded a bit in late afternoon trading and the indices closed with modest losses. The Dow gave up 138-points and most of the major indices lost in the neighborhood of 0.5%, which is of some significance since it has been more than 2-months since the S&P 500 lost 0.5% in one day.

  5. More early selling gets bought

    An early sell-off was bought yet again on Tuesday as the buy the dip strategy continues to work for those playing it. The Dow, which was off nearly 160-points near the open, closed down just 30-points, with modest one quarter percent losses in most of the major indices. The I-fund held up as the dollar slid 0.7% on the day.

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