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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks managed to produce gains this week despite the history of negative seasonality, a threatening North Korea, and a hawkish Fed. A rise in bank shares kept the S&P 500 barely afloat. A slight jump up at Monday's open pretty much marked the trading range for the index. This week was the smallest weekly range for the S&P 500 since November of 2014. This is all while the index is sitting around its highs.

    The Fed met this week and though it was nearly certain there would be no rate ...
  2. Dow breaks 9-day winning streak

    The Dow snapped a 9-day winning streak with 53-point loss on Thursday. The losses were nothing in relation to what stocks have done lately, but these days any red numbers seem to scare investors. The Nasdaq has been lagging lately but of course most of the indices are just barely off their recent highs.
  3. Investors yawn at Fed Unwinding

    On a day when the Fed announces a multi-trillion dollar unwinding of their balance sheet, the Dow and S&P 500 close in positive territory. It wasn't much of a surprise but it shows how unshakeable this market has become. Bonds on the other hand did lose ground on the day, but the bond fund is hitting some longer-term support now. The I-fund was up but should have been hit as well since the dollar rallied on the unwinding. Now, will the day after be as kind to the stock market after a night ...
  4. Slowing but still up

    Stocks were up slightly again yesterday with the large caps of the Dow leading the way as we saw a 39-point gain. Small caps were down slightly, as were the Transports, while the I-fund led with the dollar sliding yet again. The Fed is on deck today so there is a level of uncertainty heading into Wednesday.

  5. Rally continues, but fades late

    Stocks opened higher on Monday morning as the bulls wasted no time tacking onto last week's gains. The momentum slowed down fairly quickly however, and we saw the daily highs reached shortly after the open. The Dow gained a solid 63-points while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed slightly higher on the day after giving back some gains in afternoon trading.

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