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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    More earnings reports were digested by investors this week with a majority being celebrated keeping stocks in positive territory despite more trade and monetary woes to stumble on. A few poor earnings such as from Netflix, American Express, and eBay added extra pressure to keep the S&P 500 to just a slight gain. Meanwhile the S and I-fund produced modest gains of under 1% with the I-fund leading the way.

    Fed Chairman Jerome Powell testified in front of congress again this week where ...
  2. Earnings pause the S&P but small caps rally again

    Stocks were choppy on Thursday with a bit of drama in there but the indices traded in a fairly tight range despite the modest losses. The Dow lost 135-points and some were saying comments from President Trump was the catalyst, but we actually saw the lows before Trump's comments so I'd say it had more to do with earnings. Small caps actually had a good day so it wasn't a bad day for the TSP if you had some S-fund holdings.

  3. Strong earnings keep rally going

    Stocks started out a little sluggishly on Wednesday but a steady grind higher saw the indices end the day with moderate gains, with only the Nasdaq failing to close in positive territory. The Dow closed with a gain of 79-points, or 0.32%, and it was the Transportation Index that led on the day with a 2.3% gain.

  4. Stocks get boost from Fed

    After a weak open on Tuesday, stocks had a very nice day yesterday with moderate gains across the board despite some earnings scares. The Dow gained 56-points and the S&P 500 finally moved above 2800 with some conviction. The breakouts did not come on much volume as we are still in the summer vacation days, and actually July 18 is the start of the more negative portion of July's seasonality chart so there are some minor headwinds.

  5. Stocks pause - Netflix disappoints

    Stocks opened slightly higher on Monday morning but faded and chopped during the rest of the trading day leaving the indices mostly negative, except for the Dow which gained 45-points led by the Financials. The 2800 level on the S&P has been a stubborn area for the index as it tries to move, and hold, above the March highs, but not so far.

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