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  1. Rotaion into tech and small caps continues

    The Dow was down again on Wednesday, a seventh straight day, but that has been a smoke screen to the impressively strong rally in tech and especially the small caps recently. The Dow lost 42-points but once again the money from the large caps is being put right into other sectors that are not as impacted by the tariffs.[/COLOR]

  2. Early selling, late buying continues

    Wash, rinse, repeat. That is what we continue to see of late with stocks opening lower on the day, and by the close much of the damage is repaired. The Dow did lose 287-points and was the percentage laggard, but it did close off it's -419 lows. The Dow has been down for six straight days and is now negative for 2018.

  3. Negative Dow and S&P, but late buying keeping them afloat

    Stocks were mixed again on Monday after a fairly sharp sell-off to start the day, but once again the bulls battled back and kept the damage to a minimum, and in some cases like the Nasdaq and the small caps, pushed them into positive territory. The Dow lost 103-points on the day but it seems to be a sector picking market where the assets from the sales are buying something else.

  4. Busy week and rate hike done... now what?

    There was a lot of red on Friday, but the bulls did a very good job of holding back the bears as they took control in the afternoon and turned deeper losses into minor declines. The Dow lost 85-points but percentage-wise the broader indices were just barely on the negative side. Bonds were up.

  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    A lot went on last week for the market and each index reacted in its own way. Large caps stalled but weren't sold, small caps were up as usual, while bonds recovered from poor technical positioning. The associated TSP funds were all in the green for the week but at different degrees. Only the I-fund found itself in negative territory as the European Central Bank was unable to impress investors with their inaction on interest rates.

    The Federal Open Market Committee raised interest ...
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