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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks rallied this week recovering some gains lost in recent sell-off. The major indices traded less volatile than the last two weeks though volatility was still greater than where it was prior to the sell-off. The action was similar to the weeks prior to the sell-off as if investors quickly got their confidence back in this market. Traders took the 10% correction and the successful support of long-term trend lines as an opportunity to buy.

    Consumer reports this week provided evidence ...

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    TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups
  2. Relief rally contnues

    Stocks were higher again on Thursday with a 5th straight explosive rally. The 306-point gain pushed the Dow back above 25,000, but of course there were no hats and horns this time because it is still 1400 points below its high from a couple of weeks ago. Is that where it's heading, or will this relief rally run out of steam before then?

  3. Stocks up, VIX down, 50-day EMA is next

    Stocks opened lower on Wednesday but quickly bounced back and the indices enjoyed big gains across the board. The Dow gained another 253-points, or 1%, and it was the laggard on the day. Small caps and the Nasdaq led with gains of 1.8%, while bonds were down again as inflation numbers continue to move higher.
  4. Early weakness doesn't discourage dip buyers

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Tuesday and moved sideways to slightly higher for most of the morning before an early afternoon spike gave the indices a modest gain for the day. The Dow, down 180-points at the lows, reversed to close up 39-points. Investors still seem a bit tentative because of the big swings, and because there is concern that this relief rally may not hold. ...
  5. Bulls digging in, but possible resistance overhead

    Stocks opener higher on Monday, following-through on Friday's big positive reversal day. The Dow ended the day up 410-point. That was about 140-points off the highs and it may have hit some resistance, but still quite impressive. With volatility remaining fairly high, these wide swings could continue for a while. ...
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