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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The action this week was choppy but the last move was up on Friday to give the S&P 500 its second consecutive week of gains. The troubles in Turkey made investors question the health of the global economy and some argued this was an opportunity for stocks to do some correcting. That did not happen this week. We saw stocks fall Wednesday morning but investors shrugged that off quickly and the buyers came back in Thursday to push them back into positive territory for the week where they remained. ...
  2. Wal-Mart to the rescue... for a day at least

    The volatility continued on Thursday, this time with a rally in stocks that erased Wednesday's big losses. The back and forth action may be making investors sea sick... welcome to mid-August trading. The Dow, led by Wal-Mart, gained an impressive 496-points, or 1.58%.[/COLOR] The gains in the broader indices were more muted, but impressive none the less.

  3. Choppy action continues

    Another round of concerns on the Turkish financial front sent stocks reeling early on Wednesday. The losses were mixed but most indices closed off their lows and the Dow, which was down well over 300 at one point, ended the day down 138-points or just 0.54%. So depending where you looked, the action was middling to weak. Small caps lagged and the Transportation Index reversed all of its early losses.

  4. Bounce back

    Stocks came back to life on a Turnaround Tuesday after the Dow and S&P 500 had been down for four straight days. The Dow gained 112-points on the day and the broader market indices, particularly the small caps, performed even better. There are still a couple of issues that could get in the way in the short-term, but it was a good day for stocks.

  5. Dow and S&P down for 4th straight day

    Stocks caught at bid at the open on Monday as dip buyers showed up following Friday's sell-off. But it didn't take long to see more profit taking kick in, and the excuse has been the decline of the Turkish lira, and the Turkish stock market. The Dow lost 125-points on the day with losses of 0.25% to 0.75% in the major indices.

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