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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up this week despite initial losses on Monday that were a continuation of the previous week's sell-off. The gains on the week came from Tuesday's and Wednesday's rally. The Fed released their policy statement intraday Wednesday but there wasn't the drastic reaction from traders that we sometimes see. The last trading days of the week were a fight to hold onto those gains but some profit taking from traders mid-day Friday resulted in a weak close.

    All of the TSP funds saw ...
  2. Weak GDP, but stocks battle back

    Stocks were basically flat on Thursday but the action was a little more bullish than that since the Dow, which gave up 5-points, was down over 100-points early on after a weaker than expect GDP report was released before the market opened.. Buyers stepped up and we saw some positive reversals on the charts.

  3. As usualy, the Fed does no harm

    Stocks rallied for a second straight day and the Fed said nothing in their policy statement to discourage the bulls. The Dow gained 121-points on the day and once again the Dow Transportation Index, the one in a bear market, was the big winner

  4. Turnaround Tuesday?

    Stocks saw some early selling after a positive open yesterday, but for the first time in several days the bulls finally pulled the trigger and started buying away, and it may have turned into a Turnaround Tuesday. The Dow gained 190-points and saw gains over 1% across the board. The big surprise was the nearly 3% gain in the beaten down Dow Transportation Index.

    Today is day #2 of July's FOMC meeting and I expect we'll get the policy statement
  5. The bulls get shanghaied

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Monday as last week's sell-off carried over into the start of this week. Prices stabilized after the open but the buyers could not muster up enough strength to close too much off of the lows, and there was a failed attempt at a rebound during morning trading.

    China's Shanghai finally gave way after a 2-3 week rebound off the prior lows. The Index lost 8.5% in Monday's trading and that seemed to be the catalyst for the global market
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