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  1. Bears Get Hammered Again

    Last week, I said the chances of a pullback were rising. I felt that is was time to start getting more defensive as the bulk of the rally was likely behind us. But NAAIM was bullish, as was liquidity and breadth. The fact that so many technical indicators were now positive is often an early warning, but tops are very difficult to call. I thought that the market might bias higher last week, but thought we should look for weakness to being around mid-week. That weakness came on Thursday, but not until ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The first wave of earnings reports attracted buyers this week adding about a half a percent to both large and small caps. The gains were primarily produced Wednesday following comments from Paul Ryan in regards to how congress will go about tax reform. Stocks pulled back Friday after a couple poor earnings reports. Some of the early losses were regained intraday.

    We will see more earnings reports coming in next week and conditions are still favorable for the bulls.

    Other ...
  3. A stall but more new highs

    The Nasdaq made it 10 straight positive days on Thursday with a 5-point gain, but it was a rather flat and mixed day for stocks as the Dow lost 29-points, the S&P and small caps were flat, and the Transports lagged with a 1 % decline.

  4. New highs - new leg higher or blow off top?

    The market continues to party like it's 1999 as the Dow gained another 66-points yesterday, and that would have been over 100-points if it hadn't been for IBM's bad earnings report. The other indices are stretching into new high territory, although the market leading Transports faulted on some weak earnings.

  5. Tech leads as stocks close mixed

    It was a bit of a tug-o-war yesterday for the stock market and we saw the reallocation effect again, but a little different than we saw a coup of weeks ago. The Dow lost 55-points on the day and Goldman Sachs' earnings were a big part of that. The S&P 500 ticked up slightly but it was the Nasdaq that led as tech stocks are back en vogue, and Netflix earnings was the catalyst yesterday.

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