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  1. What Political turmoil in Europe?

    Stocks opened higher on Wednesday and, as if Tuesday's political mayhem in Europe never happened, they climbed throughout the day gaining back all of the losses from the day before. The Dow gained 306-points with the S&P and Nasdaq basically reversing Tuesday's losses. Small caps led, and I-fund was up while the dollar pulled back sharply.

  2. Political turmoil in Europe scares global markets

    The new holiday shortened week started with a thud as political turmoil in Italy and Spain helped bring down global markets. The Dow lost 392-points or 1.58%, while the broader indices lost ground but not to the same extent. The small caps held up well while the International stocks were beaten down with another spike in the dollar.

  3. Stocks shrug off big drop in price of oil

    It was a pre-holiday trading day on Friday and it played out as such with light volume and a fairly tight trading range. The Dow lost 59-points while the Nasdaq and the Transports were the only majors to post gains. The I-fund was the laggard with the dollar pushing higher again.

  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up for the week after some mixed action following early gains Monday. The stock indices failed to produce momentum in any direction giving us a second consecutive week of sideways movement after the strong move by the bulls in early May. The ups and downs were driven by a multitude of factors this week including dovish remarks by the Fed, an ease off the possibility of a trade war with China, North Korea, and sliding U.S. Treasury bond yields. Whether good or bad, nothing seemed to ...
  5. Geopolitics stirs the pot, but stocks bounce back

    It was another case of a news driven emotional sharp move for stocks on Thursday, in this case an early sell-off, that was faded as the day went on, and that seems to be the theme lately. After a slightly negative open, the Dow was down about 280-points 90-minutes into the trading day, but things stabilized and the indices caught a bid, and by the close they were almost where they opened, which was down modestly. The Dow ended the day down 75-points.

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