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  1. Another day down.

    Work day is finished, and it is time for a quiet evening alongside the blue Mediterranean.

    The waves are gently rolling along the shore, and I sit on the balcony of my sea side hotel, tasting a glass of dry red wine.

    These are the days to remember. I'm working in Israel, and have an ocean view room. I've spent the first third of my trip reviewing engineering data and manufacturing procedures at a key jet engine parts maker.

    But it is the evenings that ...
  2. Another gap higher

    Stocks rallied again on Tuesday posting the best two-day rally of the year, but it also created a second consecutive open gap on the S&P 500 chart, a very rare event. The Dow gained another 232-points with about 100 of those points coming from two big movers, McDonald's and Caterpillar. Because of those large cap movers, the broader indices didn't see quite the same percentage gain, but solid gains none the less.

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