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  1. Dip on tax cut rumor

    Stocks pulled back from Friday's rally but as we've seen more often recently, the losses varied dramatically depending on the index. The Dow lost 85-points giving back more than the 33 it gained on Friday, as did the small caps which lost 0.79% on Monday. The S&P 500 gave back less than half of Friday's gains, and the Nasdaq gave back virtually none of the 144-point gain from Friday.
  2. Tech bump, but here comes DC

    Stocks rallied on Friday with technology stocks of the Nasdaq stealing the show as it gained 2.2% on the day. The Dow was up, but only by 33-points, and the S&P posted a solid 0.81% gain. Small caps had a nice day while the I-fund lost ground on the day because of another rally in the dollar. Bonds (F-fund) were up 0.16%.
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks produced more gains and another record high after spending most of the week below Monday's open. It seemed as though the bears were finally making their move and we were going to see a shift in the recent momentum. That was the case for the first half of the week but by mid-Wednesday the bulls were back in business and losses began to be erased. Good earnings reports from just a handful of mostly big name tech stocks shut the bears down Friday and the S&P 500 produced new highs and ended ...
  4. Tech stock earnings strong after hours

    Stocks were mixed on Thursday with the Dow gaining a respectable 71-points while the S&P 500 gained 3, or 0.13%, and the Nasdaq was down on the day, but that could change today as earnings reports after the close yesterday were better than expected. Small caps did well but a rally in the dollar held back the I-fund.
  5. Early sell off gets bought late

    Stocks opened slightly lower on Wednesday but continued to drop sharply into the early afternoon. By 12:30 ET we saw some stabilization and stocks started to catch a bid as the dip buyers did what they have been doing relentlessly. By the close there was some stiff losses, but the indices had come well off the early lows. The Dow lost 112-points or 0.48%.

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