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  1. Looking for direction

    Stocks were mixed on Friday and lost their large earlier gains as investors appeared leery about holding over the weekend again. The Dow gained 65, the S&P was flat, and the Nasdaq closed down on the day.

    For the TSP, the C-fund was up 0.12% on Friday, the S-fund gained 0.31%, the I-fund made 0.62%, and the F-fund (bonds) lost 0.07%. ...
  2. Sentiment Gets Bearish

    Last week we saw a spike in bullishness on the Total Tracker, which showed stock allocations rose by more than 9% for the week. This was in addition to a near 12% jump in stock allocations the previous two weeks. That kind of bullishness is often punished, but not last week. Of course it was OPEX week and that may have been a contributing factor in favor of the bulls (along with liquidity). Sentiment has also not been uniform across some of the more notable surveys either.

    Our sentiment ...
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