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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    by , Today at 06:00 PM (TommyIV's TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks traded virtually flat across the board for the week leaving the action to intraday traders tracking down daily peaks. It seems to be unpredictable as to what will motivate stocks to make their next move. February was a strong month for stocks overall and very different from January's volatile action. So what's in store for us in March? We may continue this tight range trading but eventually stocks will either keep reaching new highs or
    a reversal will sneak up on us. Oil is a key ...
  2. Trading the Stats: Historical Performance of March

    , Yesterday at 07:54 PM
    Good weekend

    For the S&P 500, the month of February closed up 5.49% this is above the -.21% average returns, is the 2nd best February over the past 21 years, the 5th best over the past 66 years

    For the shorter 20-year trend, we'll compare the month of March against the other 11 months of the year

    • We show a 70% winning ratio, which is above average, ranking 4th
    • We show 1.78% average returns, which is above average, ranking 3rd

    Updated Today at 08:47 PM by JTH

  3. Dips have been shallow and bought

    by , Yesterday at 05:10 AM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks again traded in a tight range and we are seeing some shallow dips, but the dip buyers are not far off and the indices bounced back and closed just slightly lower. The Dow lost 10-points on the day, and the modest weakness may have been a result of oil falling below $50 again.

  4. Charting: Getting Testy

    , 02-26-2015 at 09:44 PM
    Good evening

    Trading day 19, the last day of February, and the stats aren't great (but not horrible)

    • SPX, 50% winning ratio with -.20% average returns
    • R2K, 40% winning ratio with -.28% average returns
    • AGG, 64% winning ratio with .08% average returns

    Name:  2015-02-27 - 0.png
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    AGG, 30-min

    • Traveling up, price was rejected at 50% of the AB wave at C (typical)
    • The blue box is an area with
    Chart Patterns
  5. Bears are hibernating

    by , 02-26-2015 at 05:34 AM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks traded in a tight range again on Wednesday, ending the day flat to slightly higher in most indices. The Dow gained 15-points and the bears will have to wait for another day for the pullback they have been waiting for to buy.

    Earnings season is basically behind us, Greece has a 4-month extension on their bailout, and the Fed said interest rate hikes are not likely any time soon, so the question is, what will be the catalyst for stocks going forward?
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