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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up for the week thanks to the rally on Friday after Senators Rubio and Corker were back on board with the tax bill. That gives enough votes for the tax bill to be passed by next week and traders bought the news. The market was losing steam leading up to Friday's rally as stocks sold off Thursday when Rubio said he would not vote yes on the tax bill without changes made first.

    The Fed raised rates Wednesday 0.25% as expected and added positives views about the economy indicating ...
  2. Stocks dip on tax bill balking

    Stocks had a moderate pullback from some strong early gains yesterday. The Dow lost 77-points, after being up 87-points in the morning, and we saw losses of under 0.5% in the three major indices, while the Transports, and particularly the small caps, took larger hits. ...
  3. Fed raises rates, tax bill hastened?

    Stocks were mostly higher yesterday as the Fed raised interest rates and the tax bill gets a push to try to beat the clock. The Dow gained 81-points, which was quite a bit off the highs, and the S&P 500 actually ended the day slightly in the red after a late push lower. The dollar was down sharply on the news helping the I-fund close at new highs, while bonds rallied. ...
  4. FOMC and rate hike day

    Stocks were mixed yesterday but the big two, the Dow and S&P 500, made new highs yet again. The Dow gained 119-points, off the early highs but impressive non-the-less. Tax reform is getting closer and the Fed is on deck to tell what they plan to do with interest rates so there are catalysts out there that could propel stocks into the end of the year, or pull them back before the normal late December Santa Claus rally begins.

  5. Bitcoin mania overshadows stocks market rally

    Stocks were up slightly for most of the day on Monday, but a late push higher gave the major indices a boost into some solid gains. The Dow added 57-points while small caps were flat and the Transports were down slightly. Historically, seasonality gets a little more negative this week, but yesterday showed why it seasonality is not a primary indicator. ...
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