The final 2015 AutoTracker numbers have been posted...

And the top 10 "Full Year*" Annual Returns Contest winners are:

(* only accounts that were active the entire year qualified - DWest had a great year but started in mid-January)

Congratulations on a great year!

1st place) MacDaddy has the choice of either:

* A V-neck zippered TSP Talk sweatshirt jacket (Navy Blue and I only have XL)


* Choice of any two items on the prize page.

2nd and 3rd place) Tinslinger and TBo64 can choose any two (non-1st place) items off the
prize page.

4th thru 10th places) Please select any 1 available (non-1st place) item from the prize page.

I will need your shipping information and..

... If you are taking any shirts, I will need your size.

... If you choose an Amazon Gift Card, it can be physically mailed or sent electronically to your email account. Let me know.

Great job everyone!

It was another great year. Thanks for participating! Happy New Year and good luck in 2016!!

For the full list of standings, please go to: TSP Talk AutoTracker